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Celebrate Spring Green For St. Patrick’s Day!

Celebrate spring green for St. Patrick’s Day with us! From 3/17 – 3/20 all Hog Island Oyster Bar locations in Marshall, San Francisco, and Napa will be featuring a chef’s special Green Grilled Oyster, inspired by Ko’s recipe, the green of spring and the bounty of our local farmers’ markets. Creamy leek & kale grilled oysters in Marshall; grilled green harissa oysters, oysters Rockefeller, and jalapeño grilled oysters in Napa and Chimichurri grilled oysters in San Francisco! Stop on by and get your green on at all three locations, share your visits on social media and you will be entered to win a $100 Hog card and a hog shirt or hat of your choice! Keep an eye out on Instagram and Facebook for more details!

Hog Island Oyster Co. welcomes the Olympia oyster!

Olympia oysters (ostrea lurida) hold a special place in our heart here at Hog Island. As a true California native, Olympia’s once flourished with wild abundance along the Pacific Coast from southern California to southern Alaska. A slow growing and sensitive species, ‘Oly’s’ had nearly disappeared from San Francisco Bay completely by the late 1800’s, due to overharvesting during the California Gold Rush migration (1848-50s) and massive silting from hydraulic mining in California's Sierra Nevada (1850s-1880s). But the tiny bivalve is now on the rebound, owing to a myriad of restoration projects and a few painstakingly dedicated farmers.

Hog Island Oyster Co. Marshall Farm Dinners

On a quiet October afternoon, Hog Island Farm chef Mariko Wilkinson kneels near the edge of the property, stoking a bed of coals and keeping a watchful eye on the juicy suckling pig, slowly caramelizing inside La Caja China. The last of Hog Island’s afternoon picnickers pack up their wares, serenely looking out over Tomales Bay. As the day’s business winds down, a buzz of activity and excitement builds. Tonight is Hog Island Oyster Co.’s first Marshall Farm Dinner.