Thank you for joining Hog Island Oyster Co. in celebrating our 35th Anniversary. To celebrate our milestone anniversary, we are launching our first annual Ocean Film Nights on the Farm series. We believe that education is a key component in preserving the health of our oceans.

Our goal with this series is raising awareness, and funds, for the issues raised in each film. 100% of ticket proceeds support grass-roots organizations working to address ocean conservation. Thank you for your support.

Ticket Price: $55 per person. Includes film, presenter, oysters on the half shell and snacks from the sea.

Location: Hog Island Oyster Farm. 20215 Shoreline Hwy, Marshall, CA, 94940. The film will be shown in our front building facing the parking lot.

Doors Open: 5:30 pm

Film Start Time: 6:15 pm

Sponsors: International Ocean Film Fest, North Coast Brewing Company, Herzog Insurance, Green Retirement Inc., New Resource Bank

About the Films:

Of the Sea – Saturday, July 28
Few California fishing families remain. In 1981, there were nearly 7,000 families; today there are only 1,800. To revive a fading way of life, Bay Area fishermen and entrepreneurs are exploring ways to support sustainably produced seafood.
Beneficiary: California Fisheries Fund
Film Trailer:

STRAWS – Saturday, August 18
It is estimated that each day in the U.S. alone up to 500 million plastic straws are used once and thrown away. Sound like a problem for the environment? This look at the history of straws and their impact on the environment will make you reconsider how you order your next drink.
Beneficiary: The Last Plastic Straw
Film Trailer:

Blue Serengeti – Saturday, September 22
2017 IOFF OCEAN SCIENCE AWARD – Vaster than the Great Serengeti Parks of Africa, the Pacific Ocean is brimming with its own predators who swim across the ocean to feed on the abundant prey in the waters of the California National Marine Sanctuaries. Renowned Stanford University marine biologist, Dr.Barbara Block, uses cutting-edge camera tags to track the movements of marine creatures, giving us a rare, first-hand perspective on the life of a great white shark.
Beneficiary: Shark Stewards
Film Trailer: