Bring the goods to your restaurant.

Hog Island Oyster Co. was founded in 1983 on a 5-acre shellfish lease in Tomales Bay. Today, we sell over 5 million oysters a year and have expanded operations to a second farm in Humboldt Bay. Since day one, our mission has been to grow an exceptional, responsibly harvested oyster, and our commitment has not changed—we’ve grown to be one of the leading voices in the sustainable food conversation and believe that, together, we can and should work to build a sustainable food system for generations to come.

Few foods carry the flavor of “place” quite like an oyster.

Hog Island oysters taste amazing because of the waters in which they grow and the farming techniques that we use. Tomales and Humboldt Bays have cool, clean water rich in plankton that oysters feed on to grow plump and sweet. The flavor of each bay is evident in every delicious mouthful. Oyster lovers call this merroir; we call it delicious.

High quality shellfish that tastes great.

  • We grow premium oysters at our farms in Tomales and Humboldt Bay, growing all 5 of North America’s oyster species. We use a variety of growing techniques based on the oyster’s growing stage and location in each bay—resulting in a unique oyster, even within the same species, with distinct characteristics from the region in which it’s grown.
  • We cultivate oysters from our own broodstock in our hatchery in Humboldt Bay, California’s first permitted oyster hatchery–controlling every step of the process from seed to plate.
  • Once harvested, our oysters are stored in our wet storage—a system of tanks designed to hold living oysters in a UV-filtered, chilled seawater setting very similar to their natural surroundings, designed by Hog Island co-founder, Terry Sawyer. Resting time in the tanks ensures every single Hog Island Oyster is consistently fresh, clean, and of the highest quality.

Sourcing Seafood.

  • We buy responsibly sourced oysters directly from farmers we know personally, and with whom we have established shared values. It’s a type of quality assurance that can only be realized face-to-face. To learn more about our sourcing philosophy, check out our sourcing page.
  • We’re proud to offer you a diverse list of seafood sourced from partner farms and local fisheries primarily along the West Coast, carefully vetted to meet our quality standards from California to Alaska.
  • Our product list includes (but is not limited to) Hog Island Oysters, oysters sourced from partner farms, clams, mussels, abalone, crab, geoduck, prawns, squid, seaweed, a variety of local fin fish, and more. Please contact us for our full product list.

Relationships Matter.

  • Building and maintaining authentic relationships is a core value at Hog Island. Our customers trust us to provide the best shellfish possible, and we in turn seek restaurant partners who will maintain that same quality across their menus.
  • We’re proud to have our oysters featured in renowned restaurants, like State Bird Provisions, Zuni Cafe and Single Thread, throughout The Bay Area and beyond.
  • We place huge value on education and hands-on learning, offering complimentary farm tours at our headquarters in Marshall for our wholesale partners.

Freshness Delivered.

We offer direct delivery within ~50 miles of our farm in Marshall. For customers further afield, we offer a variety of shipping options to ensure fresh delivery to your door.