We began oyster farming in 1983 with the goal of raising the best quality shellfish in a beautiful location. With a five-acre shellfish lease on Tomales Bay, CA we started growing one oyster, a Pacific variety we call the Hog Island Sweetwater, which is still the star of our show and harvested year round.

Today we raise four of the five oysters found in the Northern Hemisphere, plus Manila clams and Mussels. These shellfish are harvested seasonally or as 'special occasion', a labor of love and an effort that sets us apart. We invite you to stop in and savor the simple pleasures of life.

How we farm our oysters.


Hog Island Sweetwaters

A rich and, as the name suggests, sweet tasting Pacific Oyster with a slightly smoky finish.

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Hog Island Atlantics

An East Coaster out West, our Atlantics are a great summer oyster.

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Plump, firm, rich and sweet, these are a fantastic summer oyster with a buttery taste.

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French Hog

Flatter, rounder and with a meaty texture, our European Flats have a distinctive seaweed flavor.

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Mediterranean Mussels

Stunning, deep blue to black, elongated glossy shells encase rich, buttery meat with a complex flavor.

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Manila Clams

Our Manila Clams are mild and sweet, with a slightly nutty aftertaste.

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Nutritious, delicious and incredibly versatile, oysters and shellfish are a celebration of nature. Whether slurped straight from the shell or as part of a dish, we can recommend a recipe for every occasion.

Shucking oysters.
Oyster recipes.
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