Humboldt bay.


We believe in growing both our shellfish and our business carefully and sustainably.  Our farm on Humboldt Bay is a seed farm and hatchery where we grow Pacific oyster spats for our Tomales Bay farm, ensuring that our oysters are the best from the very start.

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We want to make sure that we can always meet the demand for high quality, sustainable shellfish. Humboldt Bay to the north of us has a long tradition of producing great oysters and it is from here that we produce Pacific oyster seed to deliver to our farm in Tomales and to other West Coast Farms who supply our oyster bars.

Producing our own oyster seed means that we can continue to guarantee the highest quality oysters from the outset whilst meeting our own strict standards of environmental care and consideration. The bay itself is a rich and diverse marine ecosystem made up of several calm basins protected from the Pacific Ocean by an offshore bar, making it the perfect location for such a delicate operation as raising oyster seed.

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