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January 21, Tomales Bay Hog Island Oyster Harvest Update.

All Hog Island Oyster Co. locations are open! We are currently selling oysters purchased from trusted shellfish growers in Washington State, and beyond.

Last week, CDPH lifted the illness closure on Tomales Bay on Thursday, January 17, after two consecutive oyster meat sample tests came back negative for norovirus. During the illness closure, we were also closed to harvest due to heavy winter rains. The winter rainfall closure for shellfish harvesting on Tomales Bay is still in effect, but could potentially be lifted this week.

Despite the potential for Tomales Bay to re-open this week, Hog Island Oyster Co. has placed a voluntary hold on harvesting our own product until we run additional tests for norovirus with CDPH. Additional testing and time will increase our level of confidence. This extra testing is voluntary and goes beyond CDPH’s requirements.

In the meantime, our wholesale team will continue to provide you with incredible oysters from our network of trusted growers in Washington State and beyond.

Thank you all for your patience and cooperation as we work through this unfortunate situation. Please email or contact us at Hog Island Oyster Farm if you have any questions. or call 415.663.9218.