Our Oysters

Hog Island® Sweetwater

Our signature oyster, Sweetwaters are farmed in the traditional French rack and bag method, and take from 12-18 months to develop their deeply fluted shells and sweet, tender meat. 

Plump and briny with a smokey-sweet finish. Excellent served raw on the half shell, grilled, baked or fried! We recommend extra smalls for half shell and smalls for cooking.

Market sized oysters are aprox. 2"- 3" diameter.

Hog Island® Manila Clams

Hailed by all chefs, Hog Island Manila clams are tender, sweet and endless in their possibility of dishes. We think they're simply the freshest meal on earth.

Purchase by the pound.

We recommend: 1/2 lb per person for small appetites and 1 lb per for fanatics.

Count per lb. is 30-40 clams. Aprox. 1" diameter.


Hog Island® Atlantic Oysters

A native East Coast oyster, Hog Island is one of the few oyster farms to raise this delicate species out West.  Atlantics take an average of two to three years to develop in the cold Pacific waters of Tomales Bay, CA.

A perfect summer half shell oyster.  Hog Island Atlantics are delicate, briny and bursting with mineral. Enjoy with a crisp, cold rosé, lemonade or lager.

Market sized oysters are aprox. 2-3" diameter. Limited, seasonal availability.

Hog Island® Kumamoto Oysters

Originally from the Kumamoto area of Kyushu, Japan, the Hog Island Kumamoto oyster takes a minimum of two years to develop the small, deeply cupped shell that protects the surprisingly plump little gem inside.

Mildly fruity and sweet with a rich buttery texture, Kumamoto oysters are an easy oyster to love.

Market sized oysters are aprox. 1-2" diameter.  Limited, seasonal availability.