Turkey Who? Try This Herbed Oyster & Bacon Dressing.

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Herbed Oyster & Bacon Dressing

from Epicurious.com

  As the test of good recipes goes...this one has been handed down, tweaked with love, and handed down again, again, and again.

Now, adding oysters to stuffing is not a new trick. In fact, it dates back to some of the oldest cookbooks we've read.  Probably dates back to before cookbooks were even books. But this particular oyster stuffing caught our eye just a few years ago on epicurious.com.  They too had borrowed it, and undoubtedly tweaked it, from it's original publicaton in Gourmet, c.1992.

SInce enjoying and playing with this recipe our holidays have never been the same.  Good bye dry stuffing, let's make a date, never again.  This simple combination of crusty french bread, fresh herbs, crisp bacon and delicate, tender oysters has become the new foundation upon which many a holiday tradition will stand.


And so in honor of great recipes, we too pass this on to you, our friends and family to enjoy, tweak and build traditions upon.  Read, print and share: Herbed Oyster & Bacon Dressing RecipeEnjoy.