Boom Cranes, Hard Hats & Oysters!

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We are upgrading our farm site in Marshall!

On October 14th, Hog Island Oyster Co. broke ground on a major facilities upgrade at our farm in Marshall, CA. Though it’s a little crazy around here these days we are open for business during the construction and our fall/winter crop of oysters are some of our best yet.

We appreciate your business and your patience as we improve the farm and improve our ability to grow and serve you more of the oysters you love!

     Construction_John Hope Excavation

The goal of our renovation project is to upgrade and improve some key facilities at the farm, including our oyster harvesting, sorting and wet-storage building, our retail shop and our administrative offices.

Boom Crane_HIOC Construction

Before construction begins a boom crane helps to build a  temporary platform for Hog Island's wet storage tanks.  The old metal building in front of the crane will be torn down to make way for an upgraded structure.

The construction is being tackled in three major phases:

1. Rebuild a new wing of the old Marshall Store that was torn down (~8 yrs ago). This wing will house a new retail space at the front of the farm, covered wet storage for our out-of-state shellfish and a new ADA accessible entrance to the farm’s commissary kitchen.

   Foundation for New Wing_HIOC Construction  Old Marshal Store new wing area

Preparing the foundation for the new wing.  The new wing will be built adjacent to the Old Marshall Store (white building in background). Double layers of rebar are required for earthquake retrofitting.

2. Replace the metal roof structure that currently houses our oyster harvestig and sorting operations and wet storage tanks (as you can see in the pic. below, it’s literally on it’s last leg). The new building will be a manufactured high quality steel  structure that will provide more space, more wind, rain and sun protection and improve the workflow.

Old Tank Building_HIOC Construction Blue prints and new building plans_HIOC Construction

The old wet-storage tank building that will be replaced.  Plans for the new oyster sorting and wet storage building - the foot print is expanded to allow Hog Island the capacity to harvest more oysters!

3. And last, but not least, we will be rebuilding our administration office. Our goal is to provide a more spacious and up to date work environment for our admin team – who despite working on top of each other, keep the rest of us at Hog Island in check and on time – way to go admin! 

Admin Office_HIOC COnstruction

Buried behind chain-link construction fence is the old admin office that will soon be re-built.  In the meantime our admin staff have to scale 8' fences to get from the picnic area to the office.

The work is creating lots of challenges and noise! We have had to relocate our entire wet storage system to a deck on the lower pad that was built to temporarily store the tanks -- so we can remain in full operation during construction. The entire central area of the farm is fenced off and the Hog Shack has been moved to the picnic area.  During constrctution guests enter the farm through the back gate -- which hasn't slowed oyster sales at all!

hog shack during construction

The Hog Shack re-located to our picnic area during construction at the farm - not a bad compromise.  Friends are just happy to be able to get their oysters.

The Construction Team

Terry Sawyer, co-founder and Chief of Operations for Hog Island is overseeing this project for Hog Island; Pacific Ridge Construction of West Marin are the lead contractors for the project; and we are utilizing a handful of local sub-contracting talent, like Dave Harris Electrical, Bill Majouet for electrical/mechanical, John Hope excavation, Tim Tanner plumbing, Dino Lelmorini Metal Buildings (ASB Steel), and lots of in house support from the entire team at Hog Island Oyster Farm!

  PRC Logo_HIOC Construction  PRC Crew_HIOC Construction


How will the farm experience change?

Only for the better! The farm will still remain the same rustic, fun oyster farm it always has been. And the picnic area will remain untouched. But, with the addition of our newly upgraded facilities, we expect to grow, harvest and serve you the oysters you love a lot more efficiently.  So come on out and get your Hog Island Oysters fresh from the farm - they just don't get any fresher than this!


Alicia_Oysters_HIOC Construction
  Hog Island Come On In Sign