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Hog Island Oysters

“We were 'The Oyster Mercenaries' on a mission to grow great oysters and have fun doing it.”

John Finger and Terry Sawyer, Hog Island Oyster Co.

“Strong backs and weak minds!” That was our motto when we planted our first oyster seed on July 9, 1983. We started with a five-acre shellfish lease, $500 borrowed from our parents, and one “not-so-seaworthy” Flexible Flyer.
We’ve learned a lot and grown up a little since we first began, but our mission at Hog Island Oyster Co. has remained unchanged: grow great oysters, create a fresh and fun oyster experience, and have a great time doing it.

Tomales Bay, CA is an Oyster's Paradise

Location is key to growing delicious, healthy oysters.  Forty-nine miles north of San Francisco, Tomales Bay is a pristine estuary where coastal rivers flow into the Pacific Ocean. Extreme tides and cold, clean, brackish waters create an oyster’s paradise.

Today, Hog Island Oyster Farm leases 160 acres in Tomales Bay where we raise over 3 million Pacific, Kumamoto and Atlantic oysters per year as well as Manila clams and mussels.

As advocates for the oceans and environment, we are proud that Hog Island oysters and shellfish are on the Super Green List of sustainable seafoods: good for you and good for the oceans!

Life is Short, Eat Great Oysters

Come join us at the Hog Island Oyster Farm in Marshall, Hog Island Oyster Bars in San Francisco and Napa, and the Farmers' Market in San Francisco.

Or, call the Hog Island Traveling Oyster Bar and we’ll bring the oysters, ice and hogwash straight to you.

Hog Island Oysters and shellfish are Food Alliance Certified Sustainable.